Hi, I'm Caurel Richards

Your🧠Transformation Catalyst and Hypnotherapist.

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A Little

About Me

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I believe in living life to the fullest every day and never just going through the motions. Every moment is an opportunity for exploration and discovery. Life is full of beautiful experiences that can only be found by stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing new challenges.

Why I do what I do

All I do is a heartfelt tribute to the women in my lineage. It's a recognition of the battles and pain they've endured with enduring strength. I honor their legacy by focusing on healing, connection, and collaboration to bring balance and safety to the lives of the future generations.

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Career Highlights

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  • In 2021, started In Divine Thyme Transformational Services.
  • In 2022, became a presenter with Stigma Free Society, who are dedicated to bringing awareness to the mental health stigmas that exist in society and help develop understanding and acceptance.
  • In 2022, became a Founding Member of the KSMG app, a content driven app designed to inspire you into meaningful action with the intent to heal the world by helping one person at a time.
  • In 2023, became the Host of Redefine Your Worthiness Show on Transformation Talk Radio where we have real raw conversations that inspire, empower and encourage full self expression and self acceptance.
  • Awarded Canada’s Top 100 Black Women to Watch 2023
  • In 2024, created the initiative “Primed to be Powerful”, addressing abuse, violence, and the reclaiming of feminine power.

I was


to transform lives

Living authentically takes a lot of courage and mental strength.

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Skills & Expertise

  • Experienced and certified in RTT, a therapeutic approach that combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for transformative healing.
  • The ability to connect with individuals, understand their needs, and initiate positive change.
  • Trusted intuition and guidance to navigate complex situations and provide valuable insights.
  • Specialized in working with individuals who have experienced complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) due to childhood trauma.

I'd love to hear from you

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada