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Accelerated Peak Performance Program

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Are you ready to take your performance to the next level? Do you want to excel in your career, sports, or personal life? The Accelerated Peak Performance Program is designed to help you unlock your hidden potential and become an unstoppable force.

program highlights

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personalized sessions

Receive one-on-one transformational sessions tailored to your unique goals and challenges.

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proven strategies

Learn techniques to enhance your skills, manage stress, and overcome obstacles.


rapid transformations

Shift your mindset, build confidence, and experience lasting behavioral change.

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goal- oriented

Set clear, achievable goals and develop action plans to reach them.

who is this for?

  • Professionals seeking career advancement.

  • Athletes aiming for peak athletic performance.

  • Individuals striving for personal growth and excellence.

what to expect?

  • Increased focus.

  • Enhanced resilience and mental toughness.

  • Improved skillset and performance.

  • Greater confidence and self-belief.

Success Key

What clients have to say

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“She is such an incredible soul and I feel so blessed to have found her, I am completely committed to doing whatever work is needed to work through my triggers and deep wounds and life issues but having someone like Caurel by my side has accelerated my healing ten fold.”

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“I highly recommend In Divine Thyme and working with Caurel. She is extremely knowledgeable and her insights and advice are priceless. If you are trying to reach your goals and be successful then I highly recommend using her services. Working with her has been the best decision I made this year!”

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“Caurel possesses a remarkable ability to guide individuals through their personal journeys, providing invaluable insights and tools for self-discovery. From the moment our sessions began, it was evident that her expertise and compassion were truly exceptional.”

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“Her level of investment and understanding made it a powerful experience. The beautiful recording Caurel provided afterwards was soothing, reinforcing and relaxing to listen to for the 21 days after our session together. I cannot wait to work with Caurel again on other issues. Highly recommend!”

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Invest in Yourself and Achieve Your Full Potential!

Ready to embark on a transformative journey towards peak performance? Join our program today and become the best YOU, you can be.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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